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A Perfect Union of Love and Christmas!

Christmas is the time for love, it's just in the air and Love Actually lends proof to this theory. From Singer to Prime Minister, Office Manager to famous Writer, you'll go on a ride through several couples in love, out of love, looking for love and avoiding love. But no matter what form love comes in, Love Actually is all around. With a star-studded cast like Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Colin Ferth, and more, you'll not want to miss this adorable film packed with several love stories and whatever kind of love that suits you.

I don't typically love movies that have several short stories. I'm the type of person that enjoys diving deep into the characters, seeing the romance blossom and by the end of the film feeling like I have just made some close friends. But I don't think this is the point of Love Actually. I think this is a movie made to somehow tie a relationship to love (in any form) and Christmas. Which I suppose, if you think about it, is a great union. I loved each story (except the porn stars-which thanks to my filter I didn't have to see any of) and I wished the movie were 5 hours instead of just two. I also wish there would have been an entire movie based on just David's (Hugh Grant) love story. Prime Minister falls for the catering manager?!? Hello? Sounds like the making of a perfect chic-flic! So with Christmas just around the corner, take the time to escape in Love Actually.

Motherly Advice: You'll want to watch Love Actually with the filters set to at least Medium. I love English humor but it can be very crass and inappropriate! One of the story lines in the movie involves two people starring in an erotic video, and it shows way more than what you'd ever want to see. But with your filters on you'll be spared most of that storyline. The bottom line is that with movies like this where there are several different stories, the writers are trying to target every possible person on the universe and so that means a couple of the story lines will be completely perverse which is why Love Actually is a perfect movie to watch with ClearPlay! Even so, I think with some of the thematic love affairs, sexual references, and alcohol consumption, this movie would be best for ages 16 and up.

Trisha-Wishing Some Movies Were 5 Hours Long!!

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