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Red-The Color of Fun

Let's cut to the chase here, Bruce Willis is a terrible actor. But somehow he still manages to pull off these great roles. It's like he's so cool, he's too cool to try too hard and just slides by with suave finesse, leaving us slightly confused by his success but loving him all the same. Mary-Louise Parker, where has she been? Oh, yeah, the last thing I saw her in was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and I hated it so wrote her off. I adored her in this! Her comedic timing was spot on, every time. Her facial expressions and body language were adorable and hilarious. And the dramatic mumbling with duct tape over her mouth? Priceless. She made this movie.

Frank Moses (Willis) is a retired black ops agent who is now on some body's hit list. The time has come to gather up the old crew and show those young bloods in the CIA how things are really done...old school. Starring Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Karl Urban (from Lord of the Rings, he's slightly less elfish in this).

I was so pleasantly surprised with this movie that I think I laughed a little more than necessary at all the comedy. This was a fun, action packed, silly movie that was just what the doctor ordered after having seen a lot of really dumb films. If you're out for a date night with the spouse or friends or just hanging out by yourself, then this one is a good pick.

Motherly Advice: In theaters this one is for older audiences for sure. It is violent. There is a boat load of shooting, guns, explosions and some bad language and one F-bomb. Mary-Louise Parker wears a revealing under shirt through quite a bit of this but there is no sex. The violence in this isn't really graphic but there is something about the nonchalance way in which everyone kills each other that is kind of unnerving. A lot of the killing is supposed to be kind of humorous but personally, taking lives isn't that funny so this aspect of the movie was too harsh for me. But that's just me, it didn't bother my husband at all. So, because of the violence and language this one is for adult audiences and filtered would probably be alright for teens 15 and up.

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