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Easy to Digest Sleep Aid

After the first twenty minutes of this movie I tried to just imagine myself in a happier place. Like in the here that would come after the movie was over.

Hereafter is a story about three people who each have had three very different experiences with death. One is a successful woman French woman (lots of subtitles there), one is a young boy living in London and the other is an early retired psychic (Matt Damon) who just wants to forget about the dead people he can see and hear when he touches others. All three stories converge and the characters meet...eventually.

To say that this movie was slow, would be just like saying, 'My goodness that Tom Cruise is odd.' Nobody likes understatements. While the first ten minutes might impress you, get comfortable, you'll be waiting a long time to be impressed again. This isn't the mind bending thrill ride I felt the previews advertised, even with Matt Damon. While I think it's important to be patient with some movies, patience in this one just did not pay off. It was a boring movie with a boring ending that did not justify the two hours I spent being bored. I kept waiting for the plot to emerge, for the intrigue to break through, for the point of the entire movie to make itself known! My husband says I'm being overly harsh and that I am simply missing the point of this movie. He's just saying that becuase he wants to love everything Clint Eastwood does. Maybe I am missing the point but in my humble, but correct opinion, this movie is only good for one type of person...insomniacs.

Motherly Advice: As this movie has no filter yet because it's still in theaters my advice is for the non-filtered version. The first scene is pretty intense and graphic as it shows the Tsunami ripping through South East Asia and bodies being crushed, swept away and drowned. There's a depiction of the London Underground bombing and a fairly graphic scene of a little boy being hit by a car and thrown into a windshield. With a heavy topic of death in this plot line and implied premarital relationships, implied drug use and some swearing, this one is for mature 15 year olds and up.

Danielle'-Just Waking from My Near Sleep Experience

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