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"Let's Dance!"

I was excited to hear that a new, and undoubtedly 'cooler' version of Footloose was coming out next year. Of course, it sounds wonderful and I have every reason to believe that it will be an enjoyable enough remake, but we'll have to wait and see. Having come from the actual era this 'Skipped Flick' movie was released, not to mention living twenty minute from where it was filmed--I think a few things need to be said.

It goes without saying, that any movie that builds it's premise around a high school dance will certainly be out dated in a few short years. But this movie was pretty big stuff in it's day, and still has it's impact--whether you know it or no--on ours.

Take, for instance, the music. Swear, if you can, that you couldn't sing every word to the Footloose theme song or 'Let's Hear It For The Boy' both, still played on a lot of radio stations today.

Then there's Ren's unique-for-the-day look. I remember at the first close up of his spiky hair, the audience laughed right out loud. See, before this movie, the only time you'd catch someone with their hair poking straight up--on purpose-- was in cartoons when the character was scared out of his mind. Contrast that with now, when even toddlers have their hair clipped and spiked with mousse on a daily basis. Heck, we didn't even have hair gel back then so we coudln't figure out how he did it. Yep, Ren was the first.

Next, the dancing, though, totally 80's period, was in the time when it was still playful, spontaneous and as individual as the dancers themselves. I find it odd that the characters in the up coming re-do are professional dancers rather than simple teen aged kids having a good, clean time. But then again, the new version is coming at an era when dancing is turning into one more nasty thing you're nervous to have your kids watch, never mind do. So maybe professionals are required here.

Motherly Advice: Your ClearPlay can be well used in this flick by tapering language and some sexual comments, as well as trim back a graphic scene of boyfriend abuse. It won't be able to do too much to change the implied promiscuity, a few bad wardrobe choices and the bar room environment. Tidied up a bit though, it's a fun movie to watch with teens and could be a good lead in to some well timed conversations on dating, dancing, problem solving and respect.

Launi--High School Dance Chaperon...maybe.

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