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As the Roman Empire tries to expand its control over the wild, tribal lands of Britannia, a squad of Roman soldiers raids a village of the vicious Picts, killing the tribal chief’s son. In revenge, the chief sends a group of assassins to chase the murderous soldiers down. Running, mayhem, running, and more mayhem ensue.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay has two tasks: take out language and take out violence. This is blood bath of a film and with violence filters on full you will be treated to a skip-fest. It’s generally easy to figure out who gets dead, but how they got there may be a mystery (and one you may not want to solve).

Should I Join the Legion?…

Centurion is an action film in the chase genre. It features epic landscapes, thin characters, and lots of bloody, gory fighting. As the gory fighting was, apparently, the main reason for the film’s existence, ClearPlaying the film will turn it into a much tamer beast but leave you with the parts of the story that were more weakly developed. You do get to see soldiers running across mountains over and over again, but you may just want to run in a 5k or, better yet, watch one.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Legionnaire
Rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, grisly images and language. ;97 min; Directed By Neil Marshall
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