Glee-Season One

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Glee-tastic, Glee-rific, Glee-fully Giddy for Glee!!

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) is a high school Spanish teacher who is desperately trying to relive his own high school glory days by bringing back the Glee Club. Unfortunately Glee Club means social suicide so getting anyone with real talent presents quite a challenge. After recruiting a handful of people, Glee Club is ready to begin training their voices and their dance moves for the upcoming Regional Competition. Everything seems to be going well except for one obstacle, the menacing Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). Sue is the high school cheer leading coach who must share her cheer funds with the Glee Club and therefore is bound and determined to make sure that Glee Club does not succeed. But much to her dismay, the 'Glee Kids' come together to show Sue and the rest of the school what it means to be a true winner.
My humble but correct opinion:
 Glee is the best show to ever hit prime time television. I have watched Glee since it first aired, and now that we are well into season 3 I still do NOT miss an episode. Lucky for us ClearPlay has released the first filter for Season 1, episodes 1-8. I had a Glee-athon this last week and it's hard to even choose my favorite but I have to say that episode 4: Preggars rates at the top. Kirk (Chris Colfer) is one of the characters who's inner turmoil surfaces. The episode grabs your attention with him and two other members of the Glee club singing All The Single Ladies, same costumes and choreography as the Beyonce music video. Then later Kirk decides to join the football team and even coerces the team to do the football shuffle to some more Beyonce! Another classic moment is in episode 8: Mash-Up where Puck (Mark Salling) thinks he might like Glee captain, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and sings Sweet Caroline in front of her and the whole club. Rachel swooned, all the girls in Glee swooned, and well, I swooned.
Among the many things that I love about Glee, it's hearing all of my favorite songs in classic or worked up renditions that keeps me coming back for more. Another thing is that it's a series that is actually a drama but it's fun to watch because writer Ryan Murphy takes real life student/teacher/family situations and surrounds them with fun songs, witty banter, and characters that you will fall in love with. Ask my husband and he'll tell you how I typically watch Glee: with an ear-to-ear smile on my face!
Motherly Advice: With your filters set on high, ClearPlay will spare you several make out scenes and just a handful of expletives. The content of the series is what you'll want to pre-screen for the younger ones because Glee does have some pretty intense 'life' situations such as teen pregnancy, marital deceit, gay/lesbian scenes, and bullying. I would recommend Glee for ages 14 and up.
Trisha-Giving Glee Two Huge Thumbs UP!!
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