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Slam Dunk or 3-Pointer Gone Bad?
Surprisingly, I didn't hate this movie! It wasn't a slam dunk but it was a nicely lined foul shot.
Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is a good natured, fun, honest and very like-able physical therapist. When her childhood friend starts dating NBA all-star Scott McKnight (Common) she later gets the chance to serve as his personal physical therapist. Will there be love? Will there be romance? Will there be scenes of the two of them laughing and talking together while looking longingly into each others' eyes?
I think you know the answer to that.
While this movie was predictable and cheesy enough at points to make me roll my eyes, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, going into the movie with such low expectations is bound to give it a head start. But truthfully, it wasn't painful. In fact, there were things I was actually grateful for about this movie.

Things I was grateful for in the movie:
1. I don't think I heard one single comment about weight. I was relieved that the story was about people, not about sizes or looks.
2. Phylicia Rashad was in it. I miss her from The Cosby Show.
3. There wasn't an overdone, cheesy and impossible chase scene with the guy driving through rush hour traffic and running through crowded streets and/or airports to find his fleeing love. Phew!
4. There was no graphic scenes of his injury, those make me queasy.
5. There was a filter!
Things I would have been grateful to find in the movie but didn't:
1. Chemistry. There was zero chemistry between Latifah and Common. What's the point of a RomCom if there's no chemistry? There is none! No chemistry? No point.

Motherly Advice: Medium filter settings would make this one alright for teens. High filter settings would probably make this okay for younger teens. I watched this on medium and saw some 'after the fact' people wrapped up in sheets talking and being cuddly.
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