Family Movie Night Activity-Toy Story 3

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The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together!

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the whole gang are back in another crazy adventure as they try to find where they belong when the Daycare they've been donated to doesn't turn out to be quite the right fit. Grab your favorite toy and enjoy the show and this Family Movie Night Activity.
Movie Snacks:* Two of the beloved characters are Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. Make baked potatoes for dinner and have a potato bar to garnish your dinner and make them look like the happy couple.
* At the beginning Andy is watching a movie with all his toys and sharing popcorn with them. Share popcorn with your family and toys too!
* The secret ingredient to Bonnie's lunch is jellybeans. Have some for you Movie Night secret ingredient.
Must-Pause-Moments:* When Andy and Molly are gathering toys to donate, have your kids choose some of their toys to donate to a local charity or daycare. Be sure to let your kids know that you'll be donating them to a place where they will indeed be loved and taken care of! ;)
* When Ken is modeling his clothes for Barbie, stop the movie and let everyone go choose an outfit or accessories they want to show off to the whole family.
* Buzz gets switched to Spanish Mode by accident. You can switch you and your family to Spanish Mode by teaching your kids a few words in Spanish and using them through out the evening. You could ask someone to pass the AGUA (water) or if they would like QUESO ( Cheese) on their potato. Remind them to say POR FAVOR (please) and GRACIOUS (thank you).
Other Activities:* Use toys like Barrel of Monkeys and Legos to decorate with and sprinkle around your dinner table like confetti. You could also have your family draw pictures of some of their favorite toys and hang them in the room you're watching the movie in.
* Take pictures of each member of your family with Troll Hair. Not sure how? Let everyone lay on the couch with their hair hanging off the cushion, or hanging over the back of a chair with them looking upside down as well. For those who have short hair use a wig or even a bunch of yarn to make fake hair. Take a picture and then turn it upside down and it will look like you have a family of Trolls!

*LyndiLou*- You've Got a Friend in Me!
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