Winter's Bone

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Ree Dolly is seventeen and in charge of her household. Mom is sick, the kids look to her for care, and Dad the drug dealer has runoff after posting bail. When Ree finds out her Dad put the house up as security on the bond, she has to make sure she gets him to his court date or they’ll lose the house. But as she embarks on her search she finds that her little Ozark Mountains community hides a lot of secrets and tells a lot of lies, and some of them might get her killed.

ClearPlay In Action!

he movie has a fair amount of language, some violence, and pervasive drug use. ClearPlay cleans up around 10 ‘F’ and about as many ‘S’ words, among others. The violence is largely implied and left in. Some of the drug use also remains, but it is certainly not portrayed in a glamorous way. This is a film for adults in theme and content.

Should I Bone up on This Movie?…

This is a solid movie that excels at creating a detailed sense of place and mood. There is a pervasive tension and dread that starts from frame one and never lets up as Ree travels around her inbred, drug infested Ozark town in seemingly constant danger. The characters are complex and surprising, brutal one second and sympathetic the next, their instability adding to the audience’s uncertainty. Give the movie a shot if you like a more subdued mystery or if you’re wondering if moving to the Ozark Mountains is a good idea.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Snitch
Rated R for some drug material, language and violent content. ;100 min; Directed By Debra Granik
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