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You may remember Predator, the action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in which a strange monstrous alien with dreadlocks and a crab-like face kills a lot of humans before going toe-to-toe with the Governator. Since then, these Predators have been in a load of sequels, most recently battling the creatures from Aliens. In Predators several human beings, most of them soldiers of war, are plucked from various locations on earth and deposited in a strange jungle to fight some Predators, and anything else the jungle has to offer. Adrien Brody, Alice Braga and Topher Grace provide the human muscle.

ClearPlay In Action!

A movie like Predators relies on violence, blood and gore, with a heavy dose of profanity thrown in. ClearPlayed, the movie tends to get a bit quiet as mayhem ensues, as about 80 instances of profanity are removed. Although a lot of violence is still implied, ClearPlay takes out most of the gore, sometimes making the action scenes hard to follow. The plot, however, remains intact. Even ClearPlayed, the violence and creatures will be too much for sensitive viewers.

Where’s Arnold when you need him?…

An appearance by Laurence Fishburne notwithstanding, there’s a certain amount of silly fun missing from Predators. The movie delivers on the action front with some okay sequences, but this is mostly mindless action.

Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Mercenary
Rated R for strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language.; 107 min; Directed By Nimród Antal
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