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There's A Little Witch in Every Woman (but only we get to say that)

This is my 'Halloween Guilty Pleasure' movie. I watch it once a year and it's always in the first week of October. It's fun, romantic, wicked and gets me all geared up to grow out my hair and dress up like a witch for Halloween.

Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Jillian (Nicole Kidman) Owens are sisters from a long and distinguished line witches. Not much has changed since their great grandmother Owens narrowly escaped her classic death-by-hanging fate back when that was a popular method of dealing with witches. People still think they're to be feared and teased. Life as a witch is hard. Especially when any man who dares fall in love with you is doomed to die by the curse placed by that first Owens witch. And when your boyfriend kidnaps you and tries to strangle you because he claims to love you just so darn much. And when the man you once dreamt would sweep you off your feet comes into your life not to love you but to solve the mysterious disappearance he suspects you of being involved with (which you are but can't tell him that since you ended up killing the disappeared guy, twice). Again, life as a witch is hard.
This is generally a Girl's Night movie for sure. Unless your husband is really open minded, in which case, congratulations, he deserves a back massage.

Motherly Advice: I set my filter settings on medium for most everything on this one. With that, there was a passionate kissing scene, some sensual dancing, semi-intense scenes where Nicole Kidman is 'possessed', scenes with an 'other worldly' bad spirit, two attempted stranglings, dragging around a dead body caused once by poisoning and later by frying pan to the head. Wow, I made that sound really horrible but I wanted to be clear about what to expect. Scary movies are touchy subjects and I don't want anyone saying I didn't warn them. This one has all that but it's wrapped in a comedic, light spirited fashion. The intense 'evil' scenes don't last too long and resolve themselves well. With filter this witch's story should be appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Danielle'- Working the Halloween Movie Night Spell All Month Long!
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