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Witch May Be You

To me, Movie Mom Danielle', there are 7 specific ingredients needed to properly broil up the funnest holiday of the year. Write this down:

Ingredient #1. Excuses to eat candy.
Ingredient #2. Scary movies that make you want to cuddle with someone you love and giggle nervously.
Ingredient #3. Autumn leaves and fall colors.
Ingredient #4. Squashing the insides of certain types of squash between your fingers and then hollowing it out and putting a candle inside.
Ingredient #5. Excuses not to dust your house because it will look more festive if you leave it dirty.
Ingredient #6. A day where it's perfectly acceptable, nay, encouraged for a grown woman (or man) to wear green striped tights, a froofy black skirt, fake and glittery eyelashes and a pointed, gaudy black hat.
Ingredient #7. For 31 days one gets to decorate and act childishly for absolutely no other reason than for the sake of being silly and full of holiday splendor.

When we add these 7 ingredients to a large black pot and chant, "Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!" What do we have?
Halloween!!! The gloriously silly and perfectly enchanting month of October! I entreat you all to join the haunting spirit of Halloween with us. All month we'll be recommending scary (fun) movies to watch with your family, whatever the age. Next week we'll kick off a BIG giveaway with a Family Movie Night Activity with Lyndi. October is the perfect month to show your kids that you've still got some fun life in you yet. The looks on kids' faces when they see their parents getting crazy and silly with Halloween is priceless.
Haven't seen that look on your kids' faces? Now is the time.

Happy Halloween!

Danielle'- Eeehee hee hee hee eee! (That's How You Spell A Witch's Cackle FYI)