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Can You Trust The Good Guy?

Alexis Bledel appears on the cover of The Good Guy, indicating that the movie is about her journey of finding herself in the world of love and loss. Well don't judge this DVD by it's cover! The Good Guy is a story of three different people all looking for relationship bliss. Beth Vest (Alexis Bledel) is a witty, young career woman happily involved with her boyfriend, Tommy Fielding (Scott Porter). Tommy is happily involved with Beth, his job, his money and everything else the city has to offer! Daniel Seaver (Brian Greenburg) works for Tommy and finds himself falling hard and fast for Tommy's girlfriend...Beth! Who will Beth choose and will all three find relationship happiness? Watch to find out!

Admittedly, I don't even remember The Good Guy hitting the theatre, or even when it came out on DVD, so I was worried that this may be a red flag telling us, anxious movie viewers, that this movie isn't worth our time. However, I was wrong! The Good Guy is a romantic DRAMA--not a romantic comedy. And I love this!! I went into the movie expecting to see the same old same old and got something entirely different! Not only does it have an interesting twist, but the characters are incredibly believable! I don't live in the life of young single New Yorkers, but after watching this film, I now feel like I got a brief glimpse into that life. I love that Daniel's a total book nerd and loves reading the classics. He even joins Beth's book club where they read one of my personal favorites, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I also love the way that each character is developed, it's very different and quirky but pulls together so well the reality you find while putting yourself 'out there' to find the right person! The only negative thing I would say about The Good Guy is the swearing. I can't figure out why but the movie has a ridiculous amount of swearing. Mostly during the scenes where Daniel and Tommy are at work--evidently Wall Street is a place where it's a prerequisite to swear like a sailor!?!? But aside from the swearing, prepare to expect the unexpected because The Good Guy is a must see that will have you intrigued from start to finish!

Motherly Advice: I had my ClearPlay settings all on Most, except Vulgarity we put on least because this way the 'F' word is filtered out and that's really the only swear word that they use! There are some sexual situations, and alcoholic consumption as well as some revealing clothing on the girls. I don't recommend this movie if you get frustrated from a lot of 'gaps' where the swear words are being filtered, because you do miss quite a bit of dialogue. I think this movie is for adults only--18+.

Trisha-Happy to have found my own Good Guy!!

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