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One Big Classic

This is one of those movies that I could watch and thoroughly enjoy over and over again. Oh, wait...I have.

Seriously, I think I've seen this one 10 times and when it pops up on some random channel surf, someone says, "Oooooh, leave it. I love this one."

In fact--try this experiment at home. Some time when you're all by yourself in the TV room, pop in Big and see how long it takes before the rest of the family starts drifting in. Funny thing is...they stay. Can't say as I blame them. Who doesn't want to act like a kid again, once in a while?

Tom Hanks plays 13 year-old, Josh, a boy "wished" into a grown-up body's version of himself, with such childlike accuracy, that anyone whose ever been a child will likely relate in someway. It's so fun to watch a "grown-man" get away with doing things that a child gets scolded for--like throwing a ball at a rigged soda machine to get your drink, or gagging and scratching nasty food off your tongue at a party, or being simple and honest enough to just plain say, "I don't get it." And the best part is that it never really dawns on him to worry what others think of his behavior. Imagine.

Motherly Advice: I have a house with older children rather than little ones --which presents it's own unique charm, with a movie like this. I admit that my kids have likely seen Big, unedited, many times over the years---and totally loved it. However, as a mom, I appreciated the scenes that were refreshingly absent using ClearPlay on the medium settings. The implications of a sexual relationship between Josh and a co-worker--which BTW is kinda disturbing, given he movie's premise--are now completely gone, along with several incidents of swearing, vulgarity and the f-word. Trust me, nobody missed any of it.
For me, the best part about watching Big is that it's like a soft voice, calling the viewers back, begging us to remember the joyful, magical, carefree feeling of being a child again.

And who wouldn't want that ...even just for a moment or two?

Launi--Movie Mom and 12-year-old at heart

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