Family Movie Night Activity with Meet the Robinsons

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The Future Is In Your Hands...

Lewis sure wishes he had a family to belong to. he lives in an orphanage and has been through a lot of interviews and just hasn't found the right match yet. Gather up your family and follow him through some crazy adventures in Meet the Robinsons. You'll have just as much fun as Lewis and his futuristic-friend Wilbur, if you try out these fun suggestions for the latest Family Movie Night Activity!

Movie Themed Snacks:

* One of the first things you'll notice about Lewis is how inventive and smart he is. He creates a machine to make sandwiches with just the right balance of peanut butter an jelly. Make some PB&J sandwiches of your own.
* For drinks, pass out juice boxes like you see Lewis' room mate "Goob" sipping on.
* Serve some fruit salad, all the different varieties from the hat that Wilbur uses to disguise Lewis from his family.
* If you're having dinner with your movie, have spaghetti and meatballs, like the Robinsons do.


* Another invention Lewis comes up with the Memory Scanner that allows him to choose a time he wants to see again. Ask each of your family members what date they would enjoy reliving. Do this again when Goob takes Lewis to the future in the best invention of all: the Time Machine! Share with each other which futuristic day you would love to visit.
* When Wilbur quizzes Lewis about which family members he has met, throw your own "Pop Quiz" once their finished. Test your children on the crazy Robinson family of personalize it by asking questions about relatives of your own.

Other Fun Activities:

* Get in touch with your inner Frog with Froggie Karaoke! Use a paper sac or sock puppets to imitate the talented Frogs Wilbur's Mom has trained to sing. Or play Name That Tune by ribbiting or croaking the tune.
* Have a Dinosaur Obstacle Course by setting up a few silly and fun things for everyone to do with their hands tied together. While they are as uncoordinated as the dinosaur Lewis meets in the future have them try to tie their shoes, write their name, or peel an orange.
* Watch the movie with your clothes on backwards...just like Bud!

The family that plays together, stays be sure to have fun at Family Movie Night! "Keep Moving Forward" with awesome activities, Meet the Robinsons and ClearPlay!

*LyndiLou*- Fan Of All Things Future

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