Skipped Flicks--Steel Magnolias

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A Beautiful Bouquet of Talent

If you remember seeing Steel Magnolias, anytime in your life, it's likely you'll recall laughing out loud until your face hurt one minute, and sobbing into your couch pillow the next. If you haven't seen this one yet, now is a great time to see the classic that seems to get better with each viewing. How many movies can you actually say that about? Seriously.

The classic main characters in this one--Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts and Sally Field, play a raft of friends determined to brace each other up and over every hurdle life throws in front of them--and there are a few big ones. The mother/daughter team played be Field and Roberts will prove what every mama knows--that mother love knows no boundaries. If Sally Field's performance doesn't break you heart--you, my friend are made of granite. So I say, brace yourself.

Mama Tip: Even with the ClearPlay on medium--for Ms. MacLaine's swearing like a drunken sailor, and the bridal car decorated in...ahh...inappropriate balloon-type objects--this one may not hold the littles one's attention for too long. Exploring the friendships and family love these Louisiana ladies share may be at times too much of an emotional roller coaster and just not action packed enought to entertain them. I woudl say, however, that Steel Magnolias is definately worth watching with preteens and up...and a big box of tissues. Oh, and you might be surprised to find that men like it too.

Launi-The Movie Mom with Mascara Running Off Her Chin

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