Eclipse Review #2

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Reviewer: Launi

Age: Half as old as Edward...minus do the math.

Twilight Spectrum of Fanship Rating: Severe Twi-hard who should have been imprinted or bitten while in my prime...but alas...

The seven-ish month wait for the Twilight Eclipse movie was worth every second! From the opening scenes to the final credits, it was clear that the Vampire movie making "powers that be" have got it figured out. In this, the third installment after Twilight and New Moon, we actually get to watch the relationship between Edward and Bella, Bella and Jacob, and Jacob and Edward (I know, I know) develop. There is finally enough conversation, and info/background sharing among the characters to give us a better sense of why everybody is in love with everybody else--if you follow me. Even though this was technically the "roughest" of the three movies, what with the astronomical vampire and human body count, it's also dang fun to see Bella, Edward, Jacob and Jasper sincerely smile and...dare I say...laugh in this episode--something seriously lacking in the previous two shows. It's good to have some well placed flashbacks on how Rosalie and Jasper came to be.

We positively loved Eclipse and will be seeing it again...this week.

Peace. Love. Twilight.

Launi--who is secretly "Team Charlie" because he's the only cute guy in the Twilight series that would really appreciate my home cooking.

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