Eclipse Review #1

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Reveiwer: Danielle’ (a.k.a. Nella)

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Twilight Spectrum of Fan-ship Rating: Twi-Softy (Meaning, I love a good story as much as the next person-and maybe even a little bit more-but Twilight is just this for me. A good story.)

I have to concur with most critics right now, Eclipse was much, much better than Twilight and New Moon. The effects were pretty cool, the action sequences were fun, I was delighted to see Bryce Dallas Howard playing Victoria this time and Edward and Bella were slightly less annoying. Of course that could be because the other characters got a little more time in the spotlight. In fact I kind of wished director David Slade had spent even a little more time on the other characters. I thought he cut out quite a bit from everyone’s personal stories and I was disappointed by the abbreviations. Edward isn’t the only cool vampire in the world just because he’s temporarily single and has that messy spiked hair thing going on.

Now to the true entertainment during a Twilight movie…the audience. I went to a 12.39am showing hosted by our movie mom Launi and found myself looking around me at the characters sitting in front of the movie screen. There were members of every character genre covered: Pre-teen girls with barrettes in their hair that had pictures of Jacob on them, Teenage girls literally beaming with Twilight…light and a secret hope that Edward will prove to be a real person one day, Moms in need of a 2 hour escape, those Mom’s Husbands who were somehow conned into the movie theater in the wee hours of morning (ladies, please share your persuasive methods with me) and older women who have always had a soft spot for brown eyed boys of every shade and level of mortality.

I really enjoyed Eclispe and wouldn’t be opposed to David Slade redoing the other two movies while he was at it. Is that allowed? I can wish.

Danielle’-Go Team Jacob and Team Clint (who is my own brown-eyed, mortal hero and husband)

P.S. Are the rumors that LyndiLou speaks of true? Will they really do Breaking Dawn in two movies? Is this necessary? Or just a ploy to rake in more money with an extra movie?

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