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Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species is one of the most famous scientific texts ever written, positing ideas for which Darwin would be lauded and demonized. Creation follows the story of Darwin’s struggles as he wrote and researched the book, dealing with the death of his children, his own poor health, and the misgivings of his deeply religious wife about how his theories would affect the world's faith in God.

ClearPlay in Action!

The movie is rated PG-13 for thematic material. ClearPlay cuts out some language and a some partial nudity. The movie deals with the cycle of life and death and Darwin’s severe illness. Some of these elements may be too intense for younger viewers.

Should I Watch This Creation?…

Creation features excellent actors (Paul Bettany as Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as his wife, Emma) who bring dimension and humanity to the characters and deep feeling to their struggles of marriage and conscience. The movie is slowly paced and feels long, not having a typical plot that builds to a roaring climax. It will be of most interest to those who want to know the human being behind the scientist. Those who violently disagree with Darwin’s theories will want to steer clear.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Naturalist
Rated PG-13 for some intense thematic material.; 108 min; Directed By Jon Amiel
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