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The Glory Days of Goldie and Kurt

Overboard is a fabulous summer romp with long-time, real-life partners, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn playing rich witch vs. laborer man--from polarized walks of life. Predictably they end up falling in love and changing each other's lives.

Of course the stars would never likely align perfectly for the premise of this show, which is--rich lady refuses to pay blue collar carpenter for his work and when--after an accident, she develops amnesia, he takes revenge by convincing her that he's her husband and that she's the mother of his children. Unlikely yes. But seriously, who cares? It's laugh-out-loud fun to watching Goldie Hawn's performances as she turns from a horrific snob to an adorable, down to earth country mom without the knowledge or benefit of her millions. And it's equally rewarding to see a hard-working, but distant father learn to engage and focus on what really matters in his life.

Seems to me that it's never a bad thing to stroll around in someone else's shoes for awhile to see how they feel especially if you learn to appreciate both worlds. In this way, Overboard turns out to be a sweet, comfortable fit.

Motherly Advice:
Use your ClearPlay to filter out a shot of Goldie Hawn's backside--in order to see a small birthmark--that's important but mentioned well enough later. Also you'll need to remove an incident or two of mild swearing. Other than that--Overboard is a sweet, funny, even touching movie that turns out to be a smooth sailing summer pleasure trip for the whole family.

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