When In Rome

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Attention All Chics...and Marty:

Ok let’s just review the facts: Chic-flics are named as such for a reason. They are primarily made for and draw an audience primarily consisting of chics---girls, women, ladies. And as such,every once in a while a chic should review a chic-flic. SO I hereby appoint myself to be the new Reviewer of When In Rome.

As we know, Beth (Kristen Bell) plays a career driven young woman who is fed up with getting her heart broken. But, when Beth travels to Rome for her sister's wedding she meets and almost immediately falls for the best man, Nick (Josh Duhamel). But after finding Nick all wrapped up with another woman, Beth defiantly scoops up coins from a nearby fountain of love. Not realizing of course, that in that single act of defiance she ignites the object of affection from those who threw them in. I love the story that ensues after this, mostly because let's face it, 5 guys tripping over themselves just to be near me (is there a lady out there that wouldn't love that?) In this adorable romantic comedy, Beth must discover whose love is real, and whose love is fraught from the superstitions of a roman fountain of love.

The plot of When In Rome may be predictable but that doesn't mean that it wasn't fun to watch. I think the love story was light-hearted and cute. The opening scene grabbed my attention with Beth's ex-boyfriend telling her that he's found someone else. Heart-breaking!! And what woman hasn't found herself experiencing the agonizing torture of heart break? So I think most gals will relate to Beth. Additionally, I think that the silliness played out by the band of pursuers, of which Marty makes reference to, is funny and endearing! I do agree though that When In Rome will not be winning any awards. But I give this movie a positive review because this chic, liked this chic-flic!

Motherly Advice: As one of the commenter’s to Marty's review mentioned, it’s refreshing to see a chic-flic that is clean. Meaning, Beth doesn’t fall into bed with anyone, at all. You will find the typical young single adult night club scenes, revealing clothing, and alocohol consumption. But with your ClearPlay set, you'll nix out several mild swear words and a couple suggestive scenes. I’d recommend ages 10 and up and perhaps a "girls night in" will be in order for this movie.

Trisha Howard ~ Setting the Record Straight for What Should be Done, When In Rome.

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