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Oh my, it has been pure delightsomeness to read all of your comments this month. While writing and posting a movie review has it's own special satisfaction, that satisfaction means nothing unless others have an opinion about it. I love hearing whether you readers out there agree or disagree about a movie's worthiness to be labeled 'good' or 'bad' or 'watchable' or 'passable'. After all, a movie reviewer's opinion is only worth one vote. The rest of you have the majority rule.

Okay so onward we go to announce our Comment Giveaway winner! The 25" flat screen TV goes to...JeffnJenna! Email us at with your mailing address and information. A special shout out is in order to some regulars whose comments come often and are helpful, entertaining and at times insightful. DougyFresh (it's good to hear from you again), Michelle and Jenny.

In case you're curious about the super hero outcome I've got the run down on the favorites. The spot for #1 favorite superhero among this blog's readers was a three-way tie between:

Spiderman (my fav)

Second place was a tie between:


and then Hulk came in at a close third place.

The following were some fun 'Honorable Mentions':

Mana_V said...
umm...i really like some of the classics...

scrooge mcduck
the gummi bears
masters of the universe
defenders of the earth

Kevin said...
Personally - The Tick - "spoooon!" - so random. I even used the "Tick" in a sermon about the abusive nature of TIK... deadly!

Mike said...
Not sure if any of these "movie/comic characters" would stand a chance against Gandalf the White from Lord of the Rings. Besides he doesn't make the Clearplay team work as hard when they have to skip over all of the scantily clad women involved with those other characters!

Increditble Ted said...
Well, I have to admit that my favorite comic book character is, are your ready for some one I can relate to. It's Mr. Incredible!!! I too, had a wieght problem and struggle to get back into shape. I've lost 45 lbs and I'm ready to take on all those bad guys out there along with Mr. Incredible!!!

Keep your comments coming! You owe it to your fellow movie watchers to add your opinions on the movies you love and the movies you hate.

Danielle'-Movie Mom with Only One Vote Although She Tells Her Kids It Counts As Two :)
(Ooo, which reminds me of
Signs when Mel Gibson tells his kids his vote counts as two when considering what to do about hiding from the aliens. Great movie. End tangent now.)

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