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To: Lovers of the Arts

When I was 16 I fell in the orchestra pit at school. When I sing, my kids cover their ears before the brain damage can get too bad and look at me as though there must be some alien life form communicating from within my throat. I quit piano when I was 14. While jogging over some unsuspecting sidewalk last week I tripped over my own feet and hit the pavement like a 2 year old with new shoes. When I dance, my kids cover their eyes before the retinal damage can burn them and look at me as though that same alien life form has taken complete control over my body and is trying to signal for help. I don’t play an instrument. I tried acting and failed. I can’t and shouldn’t sing and I can’t and shouldn’t dance. However, I know I still have a place in the Arts. It’s an important place…perhaps even the most important place in the arts because without people like me there would be no point.

I am an audience member. And I love it here!

If you are a proud and energetic audience member of the arts than this review is for you because Fame is for just such people. Fame is based off the 1980 movie that follows a group of high school kids who get accepted into NYC High School of Performing Arts. There are several plots and their pretty elementary and sometimes the acting is embarrassing and most of the time I was wishing the plot would just go away so I could enjoy some more great music and dancing. That’s why you watch this movie, for the dancing, singing and entertainment. I am tempted to rent the original 1980 version because I’m hearing that that one was much better. I was overall, very entertained, which is mostly the point.

Motherly Advice: Although Fame claims to be PG, I certainly wouldn’t want my young kids watching it with me unfiltered. With Clear Play filtering out some alcohol consumption, revealing clothing, suggestive dancing (mostly just in one scene) and language I’d say any kid who likes music and dancing would be fine with this.

Danielle’-President of the 'I Hope I Have Other Talents Club'

Side Note: Is Kherington Payne (who plays Alice Ellerton) from a few seasons ago of So You Think You Can Dance?

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