Skipped Flicks--The Money Pit

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A Solid Investment: If you are a seasoned homeowner--chances are this hilarious home improvement/make over/renovation comedy will have you laughing till you parts, anyway. Shelly Long and Tom Hanks play a house hunting couple who stumble upon a deal of the century mansion that of course they snap right up. From their first night in the place it's clear that nothing was as it seemed and the house is literally--and hysterically, I might add---coming down in pieces around them.

There are quite a few positively priceless scenes that just the mere mention of them will bring back laughter--for years to come. One of those unforgettable scenes has Walter (Hanks) falling through a hole in the floor and being pinned long enough in house alone to start hallucinating the Care Bears. Another is the staircase collapsing, the fireplace sinking into the basement and the kitchen exploding. Of course, my personal favorite is the bathtub falling through the floor and Walter's hysteria in the form of severe, ironic, honking laughter--the dreadful, contagious kind. It makes one wonder why Tom Hanks every left comedy in the first place--to become a "serious" actor. He is just too dang good at the ridiculous.

Motherly Advice: There were only 5 or 6 incidents of swearing--pretty tame for a typical 80's flick--and a couple of so-so sexual conversations and one fooling around in the bed scene. Be warned though that there are plenty of places where the injury level would have been off the charts if this had been real life--so a good pre-movie discussion on the definition of "Slap-stick" might be in order for some younger age groups. Set your Clear Play on medium and the kids should be able to laugh right along with you on this one.

Tongue in cheek word of warning: If--on the other hand--you are a new homeowner working with a real fixer-upper, this film and it's not-so-subtle rendition of Murphy's Law may just leave you sobbing into your pillow...if it is, then you know...relate.

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