Dear John

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When furloughed Green Beret John Tyree rescues Savannah Curtis’s purse from the ocean, a two week romance inexplicably sparks an enduring love. John promises to return to Savannah after his tour of duty is over, but the attacks of 9/11 change his mind. He extends his tour and she abruptly changes her life plans. Tortured emotional

gymnastics ensue as John tries to make sense of Savannah’s decision and stifle the agony inside.

ClearPlay In Action!

Besides ClearPlaying a handful of swear words, ClearPlay chops out some scenes of sexuality and sensuality. With ClearPlay, any audience that can stand a drippy romance could watch the film.

Should I Write a "Dear John" to Dear John’?…

Dear John is a slow, romantic drama that will likely appeal to the same audience that enjoys the Twilight films, specifically, those who believe a woman can have a fulfilling relationship with a man who has the personality and emotional range of a manhole cover. Okay, okay, sorry! To be fair, the on screen chemistry was decent and the movie did serve up a surprise or two, but once again, I believe I was not the intended audience. At the very least, Twilight fans can argue about whether Taylor Lautner or Channing Tatum has the finer pectorals.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Reviewer Hoping For An Action Movie Next Week

Rated PG-13 for some sensuality and violence.; 108 min; Directed By Lasse Hallstrom
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