Dear John Rebuttle

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Dear Brian,

I hereby post a rebuttal review of your review of Dear John.

If by comparing Taylor Lautner to a manhole cover you mean that he has hard as metal abs and a manly protective nature then yes, you are right on.

So ladies, I, being the intended audience for this movie, have a thing or three to say about this Nicolas Sparks novel inspired film. To do so, I will have to break the movie into three parts.

Part One: The beginning romance. This was delightful and I bashfully admit to smiling at the screen like a teenager in love and sighing, "Ah, young love, it's a grand thing." (Not as grand as old and aging love but grand still.) While yes, there was a lot of poor Brian's 'drippy romance' torture but it was sweet and I appreciated that Savannah's charater says 'no' to smoking, drinking, sex and swearing out loud.

Part Two: The Time of Letters. I believe I've mentioned this before in another movie review and I will restate myself: Letters Rule! I enjoyed watching the long distance relationship unfold and the letters that were written back and forth. One disappointing detail though is Savannah's giving in to certain values she once held important (although if you ClearPlay this baby at 'most' you'll be protected from such disappointment).

Part Three: The 'Dear John' Ending. *Spoiler Alert* Is it me or was everyone twiddling their thumbs waiting for Savannah's hubby to die? Why did she marry him in the first place? I'm confused. Why is she entertaining ex-boyfriends in her home while her husband is away? Why is she hugging ex-boyfriends in her home while her husband is away? Then after all that the last scene is annoyingly unfinished. I was left feeling weirdly unsatisfied. I also think it's strange that two people who have spent a total of 15 days together can be so certain that they are soul mates? *Spoilers Over*

Motherly Advice: I DO agree with Brian on this note. Put your filter on most for language, sex and mushiness (there's quite a bit of kissing) and your teenagers should be okay to watch this.

I think this is a movie for true Nicolas Sparks readers to judge. I would love to hear what people who have read the book, thought of Dear John.

Danielle'-ClearPlay Reveiwer Starting A Petition For Brian To Reveiw The Last Song When It Comes Out Just So We Can Laugh At His Complaints

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