Tooth Fairy

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Derek Thompson is a bruising hockey player whose propensity for smashing out opponent’s teeth has earned him the sports nickname "Tooth Fairy." Off the ice he is a brutal dream killer, dimming the bright-eyed hope of children and crushing their dreams with his vicious dose of reality. When he tries to tell his girlfriend’s daughter that the tooth fairy isn’t real, the fairies take notice and before long the massive Derek is sporting a fine pair of fairy wings and collecting teeth himself.

ClearPlay In Action!

There isn’t much for ClearPlay to do here besides a couple mild language issues. The film deserves credit for being kid appropriate.

Is the Tooth Fairy for Real?…

This is a comedy aimed squarely at the younger set who will enjoy the unsophisticated humor, consisting primarily of prat-falls and a big burly man (Dwayne Johnson) running around with delicate fairy wings. While the parents may notice the "believe in your dreams" message, the kids will more likely be stuck on shrinking paste and invisibility spray. Not genius level entertainment, but a good movie to watch with the younger kids.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Wingless Fairy

Rated PG for mild language, some rude humor and sports action.;101 min; Directed By Michael Lembeck
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