Family Movie Night Activity

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This week's Family Movie Night Activity is yet another way to pamper Mom of course!
Things you'll need:
-Box of chocolates (preferrably large and untouched)
-Lotion (of the fragrant variety)
-Hair Brush
-Movie of Mom's choice (May I suggest Little Women it has a great Mom character and is appropriate for all ages)

The idea is to assign everyone in the family a job.
Dad rubs her feet with the lotion (or with the chocolate, that's strictly Mom's choice).
Daughter brushes her hair with the brush (or with the lotion, who am I to judge?)
Son feeds Mom chocolates, loads the movie and attends to her general comfort with the pillows and blankets.
The idea is to pamper Mom, people. So there is to be no complaining, no belching, no scratching (unless it's her back), no whining, no fighting, no poopy diapers (unless their being changed by Dad), no tooting, no asking where the location of random things that do not belong to her are and certainly no asking what's for dinner. But, there should be an abundance of loving talk one for another and plenty of compliments.
Fresh out of compliments? Well first of all shame on you, second of all you've come to the right place. How about our Mom readers help out here.

Moms, tell us the best compliments a wife and mother could recieve on Mother's Day (or any day). Your help would be appreciated by moms, dads, daughters and sons alike.
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