It's Complicated

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What happens when your husband cheats on you and you divorce him and he gets remarried to a younger woman who cheats on him but he stays with her but she’s a bit mean and then you run into your ex one night and rekindle some of the old feelings you had but there’s another guy who comes into your life that you would like to date but you’ve become involved with your ex-husband. Well, it’s complicated.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay stands guard against language, drug abuse, sexuality, and nudity in this film, including a boat load of religious exclamations. ClearPlay does what it can, but the film features adultery and drug and alcohol use as major plot points and is certainly not for the young.

Is it Simple to Enjoy It’s Complicated?…

While the big name actors, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin, create good dramatic tension, the movie can’t escape its irresponsible morals. It’s Comlplicated is ambivalent to accepting of adultery, supportive of alcohol consumption, and provides a veritable endorsement of the joys of smoking pot. It does succeed in showing the complexities of divorce and manages not to telegraph who gets together in the end, but my disgust over the film’s absent moral center prevented me from enjoying it.

Brian Fuller— Keep it Simple ClearPlay Reviewer

Rated R for some drug content and sexuality.; 120 min; Directed By Nancy Meyers
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