To Our Mothers, We're All Winners

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Wow! What a delightful giveaway this was! We had so much fun reading through all of your love-filled entries. You people sure do love your moms...that or you really want free stuff. From the tone of all of these great entries though, I'm going with the love. Here are some entry highlights.

Theresa Douglas said...
Dear Mom,
Because you are groovy
And because you like movies
I've got a cool gift on the way!
Because you hate nudies
Including bare glutties
Your ClearPlay will save the day!
Bad language is muted
Life is no longer polluted
And its all thanks to ClearPlay, hooray!
Love you Mom! You're the Bomb! :)

Any poem that uses the word Glutties is worth an honorable mention in my book.

David H. said...
You trained me well...I always say "yes Ma'am" or "no Ma'am",
I don't run with scissors,
I look both ways before crossing the street,
and now, even though I'm miles away I can still take out the trash.
Enjoy a little trash-free TV.

Jennifer said...
Thanks for instilling in me the values that make me want to use Clear Play

Big Papi said...
...because when scary or bad scenes would come up on movies we watched as a family, you told me to cover my ears and you covered my eyes. Now I can do the same for you.

Your Son Dan

bryanr48 said...
Remember that time when us kids were young and we accidentally watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". You spent the whole summer having to clear the yard of all flying creatures before we would venture outside to play. To prevent a repeat of that experience for ourselves and our kids we're giving you this wonderful technological marvel that will make those questionable movies "Grandma Friendly".

Happy Mother's Day
with love,

P.S. I still protect my eyes when I see a flock of seagulls.

I'm with you Bryan. Birds are seriously creepy...

Popsicleman said...
Mom,Think of this new DVD player sort of like having a movie's potty mouth washed out with soap.
I wonder where I learned that one?
I love you,

Mindy said...
Hi Mom,Here's some roses for you. Sorry but they have thorns. Luckily, none of your movies will now!


Ivy Walker said...
Dear Mom,
Clearly, you've Played a big role in my life so I'm giving you this ClearPlay once told me you wanted to see some of the more recent Oscar-winners, "like that Slumdog Freaklord." Adorable as that was, I'm still cringing.
You taught me about I Love Lucy, MASH, and Leave It to Beaver, but now it's time for me to give something back. Just think: now you can enjoy that "kind of cute guy" in Gladiator without commercials and without setting up a time with me to lug Franco the Clearplay over to your house!
Love you and hope to be enjoying another Hot-Fuzz-and-egg-salad-sandwich date soon on YOUR VERY OWN, brand-new Clearplay,


...Slumdog Freaklord, Hee Hee Hee

ONUorAnna said...
Dearest "Mamma Mia",
You have always been a "Braveheart" and that has become a "Chain Reaction" ... every time you said you would "Stand By Me"....even when there were Days of "Hard Rain" and many "Dark Knight"s...."The Firm"ness you've shown me through the "Scream"s of my teenage years...I know I was a "Dreamer" but You never let me"Abandon" always loved me and I now know that "Life is Beautiful".... I hope that my journey through "Parenthood" will be thought of by "My Girl"s as a "Walk to Remember". It would not have been possible without you, "Mother" (and I don't think that's "Pride"...I don't just want to "Say Anything" for this Mother's Day...I want to give you "The Ultimate Gift", a little "Memento"...just because you mean so much... Looking forward to many more "Footloose" and curse-free nights watching movies together with our new ClearPlay. Clearly you deserve it and if you have seen all of the above movies you Clearly need it.:^)

Your Daughter

"P.S.-I Love you"

Awesome use of movie titles woman!!

Kelly Sansom said...
Dear Mom,

Clearly, you've Played a big role in my life so I'm giving you this ClearPlay because you never seem to like the gifts I get for you.
I'm giving you this ClearPlay because you don’t seem to use the Xbox controller I gave you last year. I know you would like the games if you just tried.
I'm giving you this ClearPlay because you didn’t like the pants I got you. I thought the elastic waistband was perfect since I didn’t know your size.
I'm giving you this ClearPlay because you didn’t like the iron I got for you. I’ve never seen you use one, and I thought that might be because you didn’t have one.
I'm giving you this ClearPlay because I seem to use the bowling ball I gave you more than you do! I mean, it says, “mom” right on it?!?!

But the number one reason I'm giving you this ClearPlay, is because you never seem to watch the Die Hard trilogy I bought for you a few years back. This will clean it up nicely for you.I know you'll love it,

Your Son Kelly

Good on ya for trying so hard Kelly but sheesh, elastic waistbands are never a good idea. Unless your pregnant. Or alone for the evening. Or the pajamas are super soft and comfy. Or you had a big dinner. Okay fine, sometimes they are in fact a great idea, but not as a gift. :)

Dougy Fresh said...
Dear Mom,

Clearly, you've Played a big role in my life so I'm giving you this ClearPlay because...
You hate all the violence,
gore, blood and goo,
So I got you this thing,
so you can watch Braveheart too!

Happy Mothers Day!
Now lets watch some movies!

Becky Elizabeth said...
Roses are Red
and Violets can float
Mom, with ClearPlay you can relax
your grip on the remote!

Relaxing that remote grip is a fabulous feeling!

And our winner of the ClearPlay DVD player (and free membership) and dozen roses goes to Joel for this entry.

Joel said...
Dear Mom,Allow me to take off the "Mushiness" filter so I can let you know how much I love and appreciate you. Also, I hope to always live my life so you won't have to use the "Dishonor Parent" filter on me.

Your Son

Nothing better than a little ClearPlay inside joke on the blog. Congratulations Joel email us a.s.a.p so we can get those roses delivered by Mom's Day.

Thank you to everyone who participated, your declarations of love for your moms were touching and I hope you'll pass on the notes to her anyway. We want to declare our love for Moms and for your entries by passing on special thanks to you readers. Enter coupon code "lovemymom" when you purchase a ClearPlay DVD player for your Mom and get a $20 discount.


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