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Don't you think Mother's Day should really be Mother's Week? I do! So what do you say? Let's celebrate Moms all week long on the ClearPlay blog. Whoo! Us Movie Moms are just the gals to remind you of some memorable moms from the movies. We've all got our favorites and we're gonna share 'em. The Movie Moms are bringing to you...Movie Moms!


With mother’s day just around the corner I chose a movie that portrays motherhood through the eyes of a Stepmom. This movie is a must in any movie library. It’s a movie about two strong, independent women striving to be the best mothers they can be. The premise of the movie is this: Jackie (Susan Sarandon), a recent divorcee, faces the challenge of sharing the role of motherhood with her ex-husband’s new fiancĂ© Isabel (Julia Roberts). Isabel, a successful photographer, knows that for her pending marriage to work, she must learn to love his kids, and learn how to be civil with Jackie. Isabel bends over backwards to win over the kids' affection, while Jackie spends every ounce of energy trying to keep her kids loving her more than Luke's young, hip, and beautiful new fiancĂ©. The movie has twists and turns that will you keep you loving both characters and in the end you'll find yourself wanting both moms for your own. (but not in place of your own mom of course ;o))
Stepmom is like one of those songs that has perfect melody, wrapping around your heart so that you sing it all day long. Sarandon is brilliant, BRILLIANT in this movie! Her character is so believable and I love that she essentially defines the love that a mother has for her children. Isabel is that mom that you always wanted to be when you were younger…until you are a mom and you discover that buying your way into their hearts isn’t as effective or even as fun as you once thought it might be. These two women love the same two children and want the best for them. Isn't the best part of being a mom (or stepmom) is seeing your kids happy? Knowing that what you do each day, is for their best?

So with this movie in mind, and with mother's day just a few days away, I pose the question:
What is one of your favorite parts about being a mom (or Stepmom)?

Trisha Howard: Loving Mother of far.
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