Leap Year

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There is a cute story in Leap Year involving a control freak (played by Amy Adams) who can’t figure why her long-term boyfriend (Adam Scott) hasn’t proposed. While he’s away on business in Ireland, she decides to invoke an old Irish tradition that says it’s okay for a woman to pop the question on February 29th, flying to the Emerald Isle to track down her future betrothed. The task proves harder than it sounds, however, as she meets with several complications and an earthy Irishman (Matthew Goode) for whom she develops feelings.

ClearPlay In Action!

The PG-rated Leap Year is fairly clean as romantic comedies go, yet ClearPlay still has its work cut out for it, cutting between 20 and 30 profanities, and trimming scenes of innuendo (extra long kisses, implied nudity) and scatology (stepping in cow pies, throwing up). Okay for most family members, but a relatively harmless bed-sharing scene between unmarried characters may make you reconsider having little children watch the movie.

Should I take the big Leap?…

There are worse things a red-blooded male could do than watch 100 minutes of Amy Adams. Personally, I’d be enthralled watching her read the phone book … which is about the depth of Leap Year. The movie is polite, sweet, and not especially funny. But the leads put across enough good feelings to get you through the predictable storyline.

Marty Nabhan— Luck O’ the ClearPlay

Rated PG for sensuality and language.;100 min; Directed By Anand Tucker
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