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Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) takes the reins in South Africa and feels that there is one thing that can bring together the racially divided country: rugby. He lays down the challenge to the national rugby captain (Matt Damon) to win the World Cup. As unlikely as that scenario sounds, the movie (based largely on fact) does a great job of setting up the conflict.

ClearPlay In Action!

You’d think a movie about racism and really large athletes brutally knocking heads in would be laced with all sorts of profanity and violence. There’s surprisingly little, though ClearPlay handily trims about 15 instances of language. Younger audience members may get antsy as there’s more talking than rugby. And rugby rules are never fully explained, so to borrow another sport’s reference, that’s two strikes against it. But teens and older should find the drama engaging.

Does Invictus have an ‘unconquerable soul’?…

Invictus borrows its title from the stirring poem by William Ernest Henley, a paean to pride and strength. Director Clint Eastwood, 79 and still going strong, brings its ideas to life with inspirational storytelling and great performances. The movie may not be as populace-pleasing as Remember the Titans or Hoosiers, but it’s solidly crafted entertainment nonetheless.

Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Captain of my Fate

Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.; 134 min; Directed By Clint Eastwood

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