Edge of Darkness

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In Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson makes his return to the screen after a long absence, and he’s mad. As Boston homicide detective Thomas Craven, the no-nonsense Mel suspects something is wrong with his beloved daughter who&rquo;s home for a visit. Soon his suspicions are proved correct, and Craven digs deeper to get to the bottom of a mystery that includes murder, cover-up, and plenty of conspiracy.

ClearPlay In Action!

There’s no sex or nudity in Edge of Darkness, but enough language and violence to keep ClearPlay very busy. Its 60 instances of profanity include about 40 F-words, all gone in the ClearPlayed version. The violence, often surprising and usually graphic, is also trimmed. The preponderance of gunplay and its violent subject matter render it mostly inappropriate for the younger audience, but mature teens should be able to handle it.

Will I see the light in Edge of Darkness?…

Call me a sap, but it’s just comforting to see Mel Gibson back in a movie, his personal drunken tirades notwithstanding. Darkness is one part revenge caper, one part action film, and one part internal drama, and though it has its slow moments, it also has intriguing characters and some interesting writing.

Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay PD

Rated R for strong bloody violence, and language.; 117 min; Directed By Martin Campbell

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