Extraordinary Measures

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Pompe Disease is destroying the muscles and organs of two of John and Aileen Crowley’s children. Pompe children rarely live past nine, and when John’s daughter Megan nearly dies of a respiratory infection, he refuses to stand idly by, contacting the irascible scientist Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) and trying to raise money to fund his research. While his children fight for their lives, John has to fight investors and drug companies in a desperate bid to save his kids.

ClearPlay In Action!

One scene of mild sensuality is cut, but ClearPlay’s main work is trimming out religious exclamations and Dr. Stonehill’s penchant for the "s" word. With ClearPlay, this movie is appropriate for all audiences.

Does This Movie Measure Up Extraordinarily Well?…

I was pleasantly surprised by Extraordinary Measures. It’s essentially a Hallmark Family type movie with more swearing (which ClearPlay remedies) and better actors. If you’re a parent, prepare to have your heart strings thoroughly yanked on. Also of interest is a glimpse of how drug companies work and the conflict between helping people and making a profit. Extraordinary Measures will appeal the most to parents and adults. It is likely too slow and long for the younger crowd.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Movie Pharmaceutical Researcher

Rated PG for thematic material, language and a mild suggestive moment.; 106 min; Directed By Tom Vaughan

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