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Neither do I.

Where did everybody go? This last week has been like the horrible awkward silence in a conversation when everyone looks down at the ground or somewhere off in the distance and thinks, 'Hm, this is awkward. Gee, I wish someone would say something...anything. I wish I would say something...anything. I have nothing to say...please, somebody say something!'

I see how this is going to go, I see where we stand, we skimp on the giveaways for a week and everybody gives us the silent treatment. This is to be a fair weather friendship is it? That's alright, we'll lure you out of your hiding places, we'll weather this storm.

So, because nobody likes those awkward pauses in conversation lets start things rolling again. For the next month (May 20th-June 20th), every comment you make on this blog will get you entered to win a 25" flat screen TV! Let's be clear on this because I think maybe last time I wasn't. You may comment on this post to enter to win, but that only gets you one entry. If you comment on other posts i.e. movie reveiws, Family Movie Night Activities etc. you get extra entries. Every comment you leave (one comment per post, per person) gets you an additional entry.

We're bringing in the fair weather my fair weather friends! So grab the sunblock and bring the beach ball and lets talk movies! Well, what I really mean is boot up your computer and warm up your keyboard and lets talk movies. This giveaway ends June 20th when the clock strikes twelve.

And as long as you're leaving comments on this post how about you answer a question for me. Who are your favorite movie/comic characters? Batman? Iron man? X-Men? My personal favorite is Spiderman and if the rumors are true (which I doubt) that Peter Parker will not be played by Tobey Maguire, I might cry.

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