Valentine's Day

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How Many Big Names Can You Count?

Valentine’s Day is a romantic story line about-Oh but wait before I get started with that, has anyone seen Letters to Juliet yet? I hear it’s amazing, since of course it’s about letter writing-Which actually reminds me of this time in high school when- Oh but speaking of highschool, my daughter’s school is almost out for the summer -Ooo, I really need some new summer clothes, especially since-Yikes, is Memorial Day coming up already?! Wow, the summer holidays are starting already-Didn’t we just finish the winter holidays? Speaking of winter holidays, have you guys seen Valentine’s Day yet? Well let me just tell you about it…
Well this is exactly how you’ll fee while watching Valentine’s Day.
Just because a movie has about 20 big name actors and actresses in it does not mean it’s going to be an A-list movie. Indeed, if a movie needs to over compensate for a tragically attention deficient plot line with this many big actors, the producers should probably rethink the whole deal right there and the viewers should rethink paying for the rental.
Okay, so I’m being a little harsh but I had higher hopes for this one. I love Jeniffer Garner (after her stellar performances in the series Alias she can do no wrong for me) and I will admit that there were some funny moments here and there. Enough funny moments to put this on your list of movies to watch after all the good ones are gone from the rental store.

Motherly Advice:
Filtering goes a long way with this one. In fact the list of filtered topics just goes on and on, even though the sensual content filter is not available for this one (the best sensual content filter for this would be to not rent it). With my filter settings on medium there was still some sex talk and implied premarital, extramarital and no-marital plans in sight at all, sex. One of the characters is an adult phone entertainer and while most of those uncomfortable phone conversations were taken out, you still know what she’s doing for a living. Personally, even with filtering, I wouldn’t feel comfortable watching this movie with my teenagers (although I don’t have any yet). Click here for more filtering information.

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