The Princess and the Frog

Embark on a trip to colorful New Orleans where the hardworking Tiana toils away at two jobs in hopes of saving enough money to own a restaurant. She could hardly care when the handsome but broke and lazy Prince Naveen comes to town, but when the creepy Shadowman turns the Prince into a frog, Tiana finds that kissing royal amphibians isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay has very little to do, excising a few minor anatomical and sensual references and a scary couple of seconds of a voodoo ritual. The dark magic and shadow minions might frighten impressionable young ones, but they didn’t bother my four year old.

Should I Smooch This Frog?…

This is good old Disney standard fare in the princess tradition with a plucky heroine, talking animals, bouncy songs, and a romantic tale filled with magic and danger. The New Orleans bayou setting is a great strength to the average plot and not-so-memorable music. Oddly, I found the side love story between Ray the Cajun firefly and the star he mistakes for a lady firefly more compelling than the Tiana/Naveen romance, but the kids don’t care about that icky stuff and are sure to enjoy this fun little fairy tale.

Brian Fuller— Prince of ClearPlay-donia

Rated G; 97 min; Directed By Ron Clements and John Musker