The 5 Minute Winner

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The 5 Minute Winner

I must say that while this Giveaway has been the fastest, it's also been the most fun! I have read every single entry and have chosen the winners of the Wireless Filterstik and 18 Months worth of Membership by category as follows:

The Most Caring Entry: Jon Paulson- As long as you still visit your Mother often after setting it up!
The Most Creative: Mark Wilkinson - Pain meters should go from 1 to Stepping on a Lego! 
The Cutest: Tricia Hornbeck - You've got some serious poetic skills!

And a Bonus Prize of....simply must go to Jim Arroyo for translating 'Filterstik' in all those different languages!

Congratulations to our winners! Email me at and we'll get your prizes out to you so you can start enjoying your saved time!

Danielle- Timeless ClearPlayer
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