Five Minute Giveaway!

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Five Minute Giveaway!

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ClearPlay Giveaway!

Watch the video above!

Every minute counts!  And every comment does too!
ClearPlay's new Wireless FilterStik saves you time and hassle.  And with your busy life that time adds up quickly!  Comment below how you will spend this new-found time and be entered into our drawing.

Three lucky commentators will win:
A FREE Wireless Filterstik plus 18 months of Membership!
(a value of $250)

Time is precious -- and this giveaway only lasts 24 hours!  
Get your comments in before 4pm tomorrow!

Wondering what the Wireless FilterStik is? Click here for more information.

May the best time-saver win!!

Danielle'- ClearPlay Time Management

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Time has run out!