Television Decency

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Television Decency

There is a need to awaken the sleeping giant. When so much of the media around us reflects poor values, we may begin to think that we are some miniscule minority fighting a massive wave of prurient, popular taste. The numbers, however, don’t bear that perception out. PG and PG-13 movies consistently outperform raunchy, rated R movies. The recent and massive popularity of the The History Channel’s Bible series also reveals the existence of a large audience thirsty for wholesome entertainment.

Proposed Changes to TV Decency Standards

You may have read about the FCC proposing to lower its standards when punishing indecency on broadcast television. As I read it, to reduce the backlog of indecency cases they have to adjudicate, they would like to only review cases where there is "deliberate and repetitive" use of indecent profanity and nudity as opposed to isolated, infrequent instances. I would assume, then, if a potty mouthed movie star decides to drop the F bomb during the Oscars, they won't treat that incident as significant. Or if a TV show wants to show someone's bare buttocks (as NYPD Blue did years ago), they don't want to deal with the complaints.

What To Do?

The FCC is looking for comments and you should give them. You and your family and your neighbors have more power than you think -- and remember that there are a lot of you. Communicate your displeasure over filthy TV and filthy movies by withholding your money, clicking the change channel (or off) button, and giving your opinion in whatever forum you can. Make your statement and spread the word!

Here is a link to submit your comments to the FCC. Today is the last day they are accepting comments on their proposed changes

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