Hear Us Roar

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We Are Parents with High Standards, Hear Us Roar!

 Once upon a time my husband and I got married, had some children, and decided to have a rather high standard on the media that enters our home.  This includes, the music we listen to both in home and in the car, it includes television shows, and of course what we view on the Internet.  We’ve lived a very happy life knowing that our little family isn’t viewing things that may be inappropriate to our moral compass.  Then last month, we find out that the FCC has decided to loosen their standards in television broadcast.  Now because I am the wonderful and calm collected mother that I am, I completely lost it.  I ranted and raved about how it isn’t fair.  About how society as a whole is going down the toilet.  To these new lowered standards I say it’s all a bunch of Hulabaloo!! Don’t I have a say on what is viewed in my home? Does it bother anybody else that we, the people with actual standards, are being completely ignored? 

After my temper tantrum was over I decided to get educated.  I read and now understand that these new standards shouldn’t include the current television shows that we currently watch.  It will take the heaviest hit on live television, ie: News, Sporting events, etc.  I’m still not comfortable with even this; allow me to jog your memory with a few examples, who can forget about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the SuperBowl halftime show. And just this week on national television baseball star David Ortiz dropped an f-bomb, which afterwards the FCC essentially endorsed.  This is absurd and makes me worry that perhaps this is just a gateway to what will be next which would perhaps affect my sweet family and me even more.

Though we’ll probably never be able to control what gets broadcast,  I find solace in the fact that we can control what enters our home. We can view movies using our treasured ClearPlayer, we can cancel cable and ensure Netflix shows that we watch are appropriate.  We can educate ourselves on how to contact the local politicians so that we can have a voice too.  We all have differing opinions on what sort of worldly elements we allow to enter our homes but for me and my husband, we are parents with high standards, hear us roar!!!


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