In Theaters: Warm Bodies

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Will It Warm Up Your Date Night or Leave You Out in the Cold?

R is a Zombie and he’s dissatisfied with his life…or, lack thereof. But when he goes against all the Zombie norms and saves Julie, a living, breathing human, things may start to warm up for R and for the rest of the Zombie community for that matter. But will the Bonie Zombies allow it? And will the other humans be open to the change?

I have to say that I had high hopes but severely low expectations going into this one and I was so very splendidly surprised! This is a fresh and superbly fun twist on zombie movies and rom-coms alike. R’s mental commentary makes it laugh out loud funny, the strange romance makes it sweet, the creepy Bonie attacks make it tense and the ‘conflicted’ zombies wrap it all up in a strange and amusing little flick that’s worth its weight in zombie brains. I’d give it two thumbs way up for date night!

Motherly Advice: The Bonie zombies are pretty scary and there is some violence that would be inappropriate for younger audiences so if you’re going to view this in theaters I’d recommend no one younger than 15. If you’re thinking of taking the teens the only thing that may deter you is the language. There were a few instances of blasphemy and some swearing about 6 ‘SH’ words and a ‘B’ word. A few other mild obscenities and one use of the ‘F’ word coming from a Zombie, which made it more comical than offensive but I still cringed. There is no sex, some tame kissing at the end and one scene where you’ll see R watching Julie remove her shirt and pants quickly from behind (leaving on a ‘modest’ bra and panties). The only gore that grossed me out was watching R eating someone’s brains. You don’t see him pull the brains directly out of the head but you see him putting handfuls of brain in his mouth and chewing it all gross and zombie-like. Bleh!

So with that I probably would only view it with teens 16 and older but when it comes out on DVD I think ClearPlay can whip this flick into shape for teens 13 and up.
Danielle’- ClearPlay ‘Save the Zombies’ Group President

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