The Last of The Mohicans

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A Battle Between Love and War!

 It’s the middle of the French and Indian war and battles ensue everywhere.  Nathaniel Poe (Daniel Day-Lewis) is not an American India in the flesh but after his parents died, the Mohicans took him in as their own.  He and his tribe live the peaceful life of trappers, until they are forced to defend a small militia, including soldiers and two ladies crossing through their land.  A task that would seem simple, but they must cross miles of ground with the French and Indians both looking to spill blood, and things heat up romantically between one of the ladies, Cora (Madeleine Stowe) and Nathaniel.  Between love and war, Nathaniel must choose to fight for his country, or follow his heart and let love reign free.

4 stars for Last of The Mohicans!  First star belongs to Daniel Day-Lewis, for his amazing acting. Second star goes to the story.  Some war movies focus so much on enhancing the battle scenes that you lose an actual story.  This one put meaning and love into every aspect of the film including romance, family, and love of country. 3rd star goes to the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. scenery.  Waterfalls galore.  Fourth and biggest star goes to the musical score.  You will NOT find a soundtrack that will make your heart beat faster and breath come up short, than that of this very film.  It gives Ennio Morricone a run for his money, that’s for sure!

Motherly Advice: Watched with medium filters and you’ll find a film still worth…as in right now…as in GO! Get off the couch and go buy it!! When you do you’ll see one very sensual scene that includes passionate kissing that seems like it’s going to lead to more, but never does.  But it IS sensual!  You don’t see nudity from any of the female characters but you do see numerous scenes that include male legs and part of their, err gluteus maximus’. The Indians’ costumes include mainly a flap in front. Lastly and this is the biggie, is the violence.  The British and the French mostly just shoot guns, punch, etc. But when the Indians fight it is savage and ruthless and in general very gory.  There are two scalping instances, which the MOST filter would probably clear out.  Also they use their axes and just gut people.  I actually saw more than even I wanted to see so here’s my recommendation, if you are viewing with teens watch with MOST filters, if you are viewing it with adults (particularly men who like a bit of violence eh-hem, my hubby) then you’d be fine watching it with the medium filters.  Definitely not a film for ages 15 and under!

Trisha~ While we’re on the topic of phenomenal soundtracks, check out The Mission soundtrack!

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