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A Collector's Piece?

Four years after Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) become quadriplegic he's on a case again from the confines of his apartment and high-tech hospital bed. He'll enlist the help of rookie detective Amelia Donagy (Angelina Jolie) to be his eyes and ears on each crime scene.

A truly chilling serial murder mystery! If you like this kind of genre then get your hands on this oldy. This was Jolie's big break movie and another one of Denzel Washington's great performances (he's up for an Oscar this year for his performance in Flight). Even though he hardly moves the entire movie you'll be caught up in his character nonetheless (and wishing you had an awesome live-in nurse like Queen Latifah). But you will indeed want those filters of yours in place because while it wasn't choppy at all, I'm still fairly certain there was some serious gruesomeness filtered out for me.

Motherly Advice: I watched with Medium filters set and that was perfect for me. The worst crime scene gruesomeness I saw was a shot of a corpse's hand with the finger cut off and another shot with some burned hands in handcuffs and a body covered in rats. There are some other gruesome spots that may be borderline for those of you who are very squeamish, in which case you may need to steer clear of this one all together. There is zero sex and the most immodesty you'll see is Jolie in a dress with spaghetti straps. Obviously this is a serial murderer they're dealing with here so the overall topic is dark and...well...deadly. So, only get this is if you like this genre of course and don't let your teens in the room if they're under the age of 16.

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