Family Movie Night Activity - Arthur Christmas

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Santa IS Real & He’s The Best Man Ever!

Arthur comes from a magic family: his Dad is Santa, his Grandpa (Grand-Santa) used to be and his brother, Steve, is on track to be the next one. Near the end of Christmas night an elf discoveries a forgotten, un-given present. Gather your family around to cheer on Arthur, Grand-Santa and their elf friend, Bryony, as they try to deliver the last Christmas present of the year all while enjoying these Movie Night Activities. Read the movie review here.

Movie Snacks
*The elves help make it look like all the carrots for reindeer and the milk & cookies for Santa have been eaten. Set out some of these classic Christmas Eve snacks for your movie night. Be sure to include straws with the milk so everyone can slurp up their milk as fast as the elves do!
*A must have snack for any elf, or movie watcher, is hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. When you look around the Control Room, you’ll see plenty of warm mugs just waiting to be sipped from. Another treat that shows up are Fig Newtons. Bryony is eating some while they are trying to figure out what to do with Gwen’s present. Serve up some steaming hot cocoa and Fig Newtons to your elves as well. 
*For dinner, serve Mince Pie like Grand-Santa eats or go all out and cook up a nice turkey dinner with potatoes, gravy, and vegetables. Just be sure that Grand-Santa doesn’t loose his teeth in your gravy!

Must Pause Activities
*Pass out the paper and pens because it’s time to write Santa Claus a letter. Gwen writes Santa and not only tells Santa what she wants for Christmas, but she asks him some great questions and even draws him a picture. Encourage your kids to ask questions and include a drawing for Santa as well. Be sure to let them all put their letters in the mailbox too!
*The elves have a lot of high-tech ways to get all those presents delivered, though they all have to be quick and careful avoiding toys, pets, and people, so that they don’t wake anyone up.  Set up a maze of toys and other objects, then have a person at one end of the room close their eyes and wait. See if the rest of you can make it to the “sleeping child” without waking them up. Each person that can do it, gains Honorary Elf status.
*Have a present for each person to wrap. Give everyone wrapping paper and 3 pieces of tape. When Bryony starts wrapping Gwen’s bike while Arthur is riding it to her house, see if you can each finish wrapping your gift by the time she does.

Other Activities
*The elves have some handy scanners that let them know if the kids have been naughty or nice. Make your own Naughty-or-Nice Meters by using pictures of each children with a paper looped around the edge of each picture. Write percentages on the paper to create a sliding graph. Use these meters to help remind everyone that Santa knows if you've been good or bad, so everyone needs to keep those percentages up.  
*As Grand-Santa is flying the sleigh, he makes a snowman out of the clouds. Make your own cloud snowmen by gluing cotton balls on to paper. If you want to build 3-D snowmen, but stay indoors try stacking cotton balls, or using cotton batting, clay, taffy or other soft candy, scoops of ice cream… anything really. You could even set up a Snow Man Building buffet line with all different items and see what kind of snowmen everyone comes up with.
*When it comes to delivering that last gift, Arthur is trying to beat the clock. Play some “Minute To Win It” type games to see how you do under pressure. These games should be activities that can be accomplished in a minute or less. Have challenges like tying bows on gifts, making a paper chain, chugging a glass of milk and 3 cookies, filling in the missing Christmas song lyrics, unpacking Santa’s bag and putting the gifts under the tree, or reading as much of “The Night Before Christmas” before the time is up. There are lots of other ideas online, especially when you search places like Pinterest. Remember to take into consideration the age and skill level of your movie viewers and have fun.

*LyndiLou* - Operation Christmas Movie Night Complete

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