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Lochness Myth or History?

When a young boy, Angus, finds an unusual rock laying on the shoreline of the Lochness he never guesses what it really contains. When a strange creature emerges from the rock-looking egg he finds a friend in the legendary creature of the Lochness and will do whatever it takes to protect him.

This wasn't cinema at its absolute best but you know, my family and I enjoyed it. All the characters managed to be well rounded and the story line was magical enough to keep the kids entertained. It was also fun to see story makers trying to make truth out of the 'famous' picture. So while we wont be buying this one and probably will never see it again, it was a fun rental for Friday's movie night.

Motherly Advice: All our filters were set to Medium and we enjoyed a squeaky clean flick. This film is set during war time though and the military shooting cannons into the Lochness is shown several times with our beloved water horse in extreme danger of getting hit by one. These scenes were a little intense but nothing that made our kids too uncomfortable. Towards the end some men are trying to hunt the water horse down and kill him. Our water horse has turned completely animalistic at this point and to protect himself he knocks over the boat and terrorizes the men in the water. No one gets killed or eaten but I did worry for a moment that was about to happen. I really think this one is fun for ages 6 and up.

Danielle'- Legendary ClearPlay Movie Mom
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