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In this prequel to the Alien series of movies, archaeologists discover ancient drawings that suggest humanoids visited earth from a distant planetary cluster. They board the spaceship Prometheus on a journey of exploration to the alien world in hopes of finding the race that possibly seeded life on earth. They find what seems to be an abandoned outpost, but dangerous and dark secrets lurk in the alien structures, and the joy of discovery quickly turns into squishy, slimy terror.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay knocks out several swear words and trims a scene of implied sex. But, as you might expect, disturbing and violent images are ClearPlay’s main work here. Some scenes are completely taken out and others cut short before they get gross. There are creatures burrowing in, creatures exploding out, an emergency c–section (use your imagination) and other encounters with the local fauna. The movie actually ClearPlays well, but with violence and disturbing filters on, you will have to fill in a few blanks for yourself.

Should I Get On Board Prometheus?…

Prometheus is beautiful in its presentation. Its holds the viewer with a sense of wonder while the scientists explore the alien world, and with a sense of dread because you know they’re not going to find fossilized butterflies. Michael Fassbender deserves a lot of credit for his creepy portrayal of the android David, as does the visual effects department. Prometheus will frustrate you because it presents several tantalizing mysteries and then leaves most of them unsolved. So if you find yourself scratching your head at the end, it’s not because ClearPlay cut something. It’s because the movie really didn’t answer your questions. Sci–fi fans will definitely want to give Prometheus a spin.
Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Alien Host
Rated R for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language; 124 min; Directed By Ridley Scott
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