People Like Us

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Sam (Chris Pine) flies to Los Angeles for his estranged father’s funeral, a task he wants to avoid. Making matters worse, the $150,000 inheritance isn’t for him, the only child. It’s for the son of a half–sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew he had. Strapped for cash, Sam toys with the idea of taking the money himself rather than helping out these new–found relatives, but befriends his half–sister and helps her son (Michael Hall D’Addario) anyway.

ClearPlay In Action!

In People Like Us, a man’s carousing is alluded to, and a woman has a sexual relationship with a neighbor. These references are cut in the ClearPlayed version, as are some 60 profanities. The movie’s view of a dysfunctional family may make for uncomfortable viewing for many audiences, but mature teens can handle the subject matter.

Will I Like, love or hate these People?…

Believable performances abound in People Like Us, including a supporting role by Michelle Pfeiffer. But the plot revolves around a character’s indecisiveness that may cause viewers to lose patience with the story (I did). You may find yourself asking, “Is this guy really that clueless?” The ending has a nice emotional payoff, but getting there can be a bit of a drag.
Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Unlike Most People.
Rated PG-13 for language, some drug use and brief sexuality ; 114 minn; Directed By Alex Kurtzman
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