Think Like A Man

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In the Battle of the Sexes, a training manual has emerged and it’s throwing off the natural balance of things. That’s the premise behind Think Like a Man, a rom–com based on Steve Harvey’s relationship self–help book. Four women, not getting what they want from the men in their life, use Harvey’s advice in their new relationships. The men are at first puzzled, then aware of a seeming conspiracy to make them more responsible. A strong ensemble cast and some interesting dilemmas are the highlights.

ClearPlay In Action!

Much of Think Like a Man centers around sex. Though ClearPlay cuts several scenes of sensuality, and about 150 profanities and frank discussions, parents may still have second thoughts about sharing it with any but their mature teens.

How thought–provoking is Think Like a Man?…

There are those who might say this movie is oxymoronic, in that the title implies that men actually think. Well hardy–har–har. The movie is a cut above, say, a Tyler Perry comedy that is typically filled with too many two–dimensional characters. Nevertheless, some ClearPlay audiences may find its emphasis on physical relationships too lopsided, regardless of what the men learn by the end of the film.
Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Love Guru
Rated PG-13 for sexual content, some crude humor, and brief drug use; 122 min; Directed By Tim Story
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